Friday, January 18, 2013

Zoom In Visible Thinking Routine using Prezi

 Prezi is the perfect tool to use when working with the Zoom In visible thinking routine in your classroom. 

 Brief outline of the Zoom In Routine

 Zoom In is a Visible Thinking routine which uses images (or objects) to introduce and explore ideas. 

A section of an image is displayed. Gradually other sections of the image are displayed until the whole picture of the image is revealed. Throughout the process students are encouraged to discuss what they observe, how they interpret the observation, what they wonder, and how their thinking has changed as the image is fully revealed. 

Check out Making Thinking Visible  to get a full details of this thinking routine. Go to Havard's Project Zero Visible Thinking Website to learn more about the routines.

How to use Prezi when working with the Zoom in Routine is a presentation tool (like PowerPoint or KeyNote on steroids) which centers around zooming in and out of sections of the presentation to direct the audiences attention. 

It allows teachers to zoom in and out of images more precisely when working with the Zoom In routine. Students can focus on the small detail of an image before zooming out to take in the larger picture. You can even focus on separate smaller sections of the image individually before zooming out to take in the whole image.


Take a look at a Prezi as a demonstration below and watch the video tutorial above to learn how to create similar prezis yourself.

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